Riot needs to fix their matchmaking

riot needs to fix their matchmaking
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TF2 - Why does Valve refuse to fix Competitive Matchmaking? Lol they fixed it ok.

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DESCRIPTION: Think about it thought. Their marketing is poor. And that was in the beginning of Season 2. Nearly enough to allow you to skip multiple divisions..

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Matchmaking Guide – Riot Games Support

There are a TON of posts from Rioters on the league forums about how matchmaking works. This is one of those exciting moments, where you can choose to assume one of two things and one of them makes you look silly. So please, quit trying to make this all about me. It would make sense for new accounts, or accounts returning from a year or more of activity inactivity. Sometimes you are the one doing something stupid, messing up, playing poorly, getting caught out, rotating right through enemy territory, going on tilt, whatever. Before I go on and talk about the rest of your points, I'm just going to stop and analyze the premise of the "biggest issue with short matchmaking que times.

Riot needs to fix matchmaking.

riot needs to fix their matchmaking
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Going on the most dominating and effortless win streaks..

  • Bad enemies will help them win games..
  • You are leaving
  • Riot's in-depth talk on matchmaking & MMR. Worth a read imho : heroesofthestorm

When I've been there. I just said in the same post you quoted, that I am far better than I was back then..

  • League of Legends right now is just tilting its players with auto-fill, bot lane orgy at . I have no idea how matchmaking works YOUR MATCHMAKING RIOT.
  • Mar 14, - Riot has worked to fix that to the point where players get their first choice position about 90 percent of the time, according to the post. hey! we.
  • Mar 2, - Not sure if you know how these things work, but massive games like this aren't fixed with a few strokes. Their whole system has the QM seed  /dev: Matchmaking Real Talk.

An inexperienced tank wouldn't understand quickly enough why it worked for them. Please note, OP, that I completely disagree with you on what the "problem" is, as well as your solution to fixing the "problem". I got to a point where I was actually being outclassed every other game. Bad news for you, he Riot needs to fix their matchmaking Platinum grade because he's in Platinum. Stomps happen in equally skilled matchups.

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