Weed is more important than me

weed is more important than me
My name is Lauren, 25 years: I am vegetarian, who is carefully choosing what to eat, what to wear and how to remain stylish. I am a woman, whose smile is open and sincere, whose eyes are full of brightness and kindness, whose heart is full of real tenderness and love... I will give you all my love. We will travel, I like to have a rest on the countryside, i hope you as well, i like to be closer to the nature!.

What are your thoughts on Smoking Marijuana? Sadhguru

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DESCRIPTION: He managed to quit. I am open-minded and have no problem with occasional use — I smoked some with my boyfriend to try it but could take it or leave it. Ariel, Stanton, Hi I am a 49 weed is more important than me old woman from a set of hippy parents and when mom and I met step-dad we entered into much of the same situation you looking at. He also smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and when he drinks, it is a heavy consumption — all part of his addictive personality. Posted via Mobile Device..

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I feel my husband chooses weed over me - Talk About Marriage

It is true or not? No one quite understands my situation or the hurt that it causes me, so coming across this discussion has really helped me. G; at I'm ready to grow up and face my trauma, instead of hiding in addiction. He now sneaks out to buy his pot and tells me he is going elsewhere. It is the co dependency.

He's choosing weed over me and I don't know what to do..

weed is more important than me
My name is Becky, 28.: I am a woman in the prime of life, I'm no longer a little naive girl. But this does not mean that I can not be childish in a narrow circle of friends.

This is a deal breaker. I tried again and I felt ok..

  • Oh I have very very similar thing. To add even more onto it, we live in a small college town where consequently pot has a big presence, so most people do partake..
  • Can I compromise with a marijuana smoker I love?
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WE live together and although I do not like it, I have come to the conclusion that he will continue to do so, SO I asked that he not smoke in the home, go somewhere else. Legal here but often is 30 degrees outside..

  • Here's the thing. My boyfriend doesn't treat me bad; it's more of him treating himself bad. He has very low self-esteem and it tends to rub off on.
  • Nov 11, - The issue I have with my boyfriend is that it's much more than a recreational . This book stated my life transformation towards taking a better care of emaildatabase.me partner's weed use is destroying me.
  • Aug 8, - Smoking marijuana is affecting your dating and sex life more than you I like who I am a little bit more, and I'm able to express myself better.

When he finally quit, his whole personality changed and he was full of life and energy and his eyes sparkled. We have been apart for over 40 years and he still spoke periodically. He is a functional daily user and has been all his life. At least attempting to understand his side of all of this. Just like you, I dont want my kids to be in that kind of environment, I mw want them weed is more important than me have a father that has the need to do that behind their backs or even on their faces. But I always felt that I was alone because my girlfriend has lived a life similar id your boyfriends.

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