Got drunk and hurt my boyfriend

got drunk and hurt my boyfriend
My name is Judith, 25 years: I believe that i am the woman who knows what means the word "Love", i know how important it is to care about each other and give each other support and have mutual respect. Common desires and common aim to make your partner happy is also very important step towards true relations and their success, do you agree with me? I am very communicative woman and i dont give up in hard moments of this life, i am very peaceful and non-conflict woman, i know that you can absolutely rely on me and in my face you can meet a partner who will always listen to you and never leave you alone especially when you need me, do you want to be together?.


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DESCRIPTION: I had about three glasses of wine. Is it bad for me to think this way of my boyfriend? It happens because alcohol lowers your inhibitions..

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We were drinking at the bar and we were having so much fun. Then we went to another bar and had two more glasses of wine each. Within one or two glasses I'm raging even when alone and I get so pissed off I just go to bed. Don't blame him if it is over. The same arguments happens between my husband and i We been together for almost 13 He gets this way with me when he drinks its like a switch gets turned on and a whole different person comes out. The issue is that such a combination of bad things inside plus inhibitions holding them back is unhealthy. Don't beat yourself up over this.

I said horrible things to him while drunk.

got drunk and hurt my boyfriend
My name is Mary, 26.: Am i good in cooking and caring? - yes, i am

Have I made a massive mistake to get involved with someone like this?.

  • We're somewhat frequent wine-with-dinner people maybe 3 nights a week , and occasional weekend warriors, and it definitely doesn't happen every time I drink..
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  • I got very drunk and beat my boyfriend up. : confession

Not what this means about you as a person, or what sort of unconscious feelings it might betray..

  • Apparently I became VERY disrespectful to him and even hit him like 4 times. I don't remember what i said or me even doing that. That was the second drunk.
  • Oct 8, - I can't un-hear what she said, and I can't really enjoy myself in her presence so I keep my distance. If you said things that hit your boyfriend really hard (and it  My boyfriend abused me when he was drunk. He.
  • Nov 20, - Waking up after you got into a drunken fight with your partner is the worst. comfort when a partner feels hurt by your drunk actions," she says.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It looks like you're trying to place the blame all on him, especially when you say shit like "quite possibly dosed her drink" which makes got drunk and hurt my boyfriend think you're a world champion at snd popular board game Jump to Conclusions. I have an ex boyfriend who would do something like this, and it did undermine our relationship. You are not a "horrible person". If hot ban was in error, skip to this step Questions?

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1:45 magic trick :D

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Rachel introductions are always lonnngggg. I always wonder how she memorises them. She clearly has a smart mind

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Ok. that safe cracker thing looks amazing

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grew up in the 80s so i listen to alot of 80s music .

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Fascinating documentary almost ruined by awful narration and the ridiculous, unnecessary theatrical background music

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Does the Orange Dipshit even fully comprehend what the definition of racism actually is? Has anyone even bothered to show this idiot the difference because im not convinced that he even gets the idea. Its either that or he is doing a fine job of playing dumb; i know for a fact that Trumps supporters are genuinely VERY stupid about this subject.

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11:16 Reference to SML losing monetization

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